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The Beginning







They say, "Well begun is half done." But actually I don't know how to begin a blog. So I'll introduce myself, which I believe is the most proper way to start.

☞ Seira (This is my Japanese name)
☞ 24 years old
☞ Born in the spring
☞ Grew up in Japan, live in USA
☞ Double majors in Studio Art and Liberal Arts
☞ Came to the USA because I couldn't find my way after high school and just decided to go for it
☞ Married
☞ Obsessed with reading books - my hobby for a long time.
☞ My favorite author: Kanako Nishi
☞ My favorite words: "Good morning"
☞ Can't live without sweets, especially mochi, chocolates, and gummies
☞ Basically a laid-back and slow tempo person. Living easygoing.
☞ But serious with goals
☞ Love to travel. Really wanna go to Spain to visit the Dali Museum.
☞ Prefer fewer relationships and deeper interactions with people
☞ Deep thinker. Worried about being depressed in my future.
☞ Love beaches and pools.
☞ My favorite animals: giraffes, wolves, Siberian huskies, lions, dolphins,and cats.

Hope you enjoy my blog! ♡